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Welcome to the Tiger Squadron website

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President & Vice President

President-- Air Marshal  Cliff Spink CB,CBE,FCMI,FRAeS RAF Ret'd

Hon Vice President-- Air Vice Marshal Boz Robinson  RAF Ret'd


Association Committee

A message from our President

Air Marshal Cliff Spink CB,CBE,FCMI,FRAeS,RAF Ret'd


Welcome to the 74(F) Squadron website and I do hope you enjoy reading about this famous Royal Air Force Squadron and its association. It was a tremendous honour to take over from Boz Robinson as President of   ‘The Tigers’ association and to carry on, in some small way, with the enthusiasm that Boz gave to us all. I commanded 74 from 1986 to 1989 when our steed was the mighty Phantom F4J and we were based at Wattisham.  We were immensely proud of our heritage and continue to be so today even though our standard no longer flies as an operational squadron. ‘I Fear No Man’ has to be the most evocative motto ever given to a fighter squadron – that spirit lives on.

Best wishes to all

Cliff Spink


A message from our Hon Vice President

Air Vice Marshal Boz Robinson  RAF Ret'd

My very first squadron was 74 during the Meteor and Hunter days at Horsham St Faith and those times remain very firmly embedded in the aging memory as being wonderful days of happy flying and great comradeship. That seems to me to be the common bond that unites us in our wonderful association. I feel greatly honoured to have been educated by 74 Squadron - it has influenced my attitude to life throughout the last 50 years. No doubt there are many of you who will feel the same sense of gratitude and therefore loyalty to the squadron and of course to the Royal Air Force. We Fear No Man and gain hugely from the 74 Squadron spirit. Let us put political correctness aside and speak our mind bravely and honestly.
I hope you will enjoy this website and support those who have brought it into action, and I hope we shall see many more TIGERS at the reunions in the future. All the newcomers say that it is a much more enjoyable event than they had expected - and they come again !


What's on the 74 (F) Squadron Association Web Site

Please use the navigation frame on the left of this page to navigate around the site.  From here you can reach every important page.  All hyperlinks (areas of text that take you to another page or open an e-mail address) are highlighted in yellow.  The site is designed for a smallish screen resolution of 800 x 600 - if some of the formatting looks a little strange, try shrinking the window size a little.

A précis of the history of 74 (F) Squadron (kindly provided by Bob Cossey) may be found at 'Squadron History'.  Details of a number of interesting publications about 74 (F) Squadron are available on these pages, including 'Tigers'; Bob Cossey's excellent book on the subject of the Squadron.

Anything to do with the Squadron Association itself may be found on the 'About the Association' page where you can find out if you are eligible for membership and, if you are eligible, about how to join.  An application may be submitted on-line or by post if preferred.

The 'Member's Pages' contain news and views from members and here you will find electronic versions of 'The Tiger News' - The Association's newsletter.

There is also a 'Photographic Archive' containing art and photographs about the Squadron and Association events.  Photographs to illustrate the site are always welcome; please send them to John Crow (The Association Webmaster) or Bob (The Association Secretary).

Related links about aviation or military associations may be found on the 'Links' page and I am always interested in reciprocal 'banner' arrangements with suitable sites.  Please e-mail John Crow (The Association Webmaster) in the first instance with sites that may be of interest to our members.

The committee may be contacted by e-mail by clicking their names at the top of this page or by using the information on the 'Contact the Committee' page.  In line with member's wishes, details of individual members are not available through this site.  Please address all enquiries to Bob Cossey  (The Association Secretary) who will contact lost friends on your behalf and try to put you back in touch.

Lastly, if you have any problems with this site please contact me to let me know.  I have done my best to ensure that the site loads on as many different systems at every possible screen resolution without relying on (too much) JavaScript for fancy effects but there may be occasional problems and I will do my best to rectify any difficulties arising from problems at this end.


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